Affordable Coworking in Burbank, By The Numbers

Burbank, California, Population around 104,000 people, and home to, The Muse Rooms Burbank, our second affordable coworking and office space. Why Burbank you ask? I’m sorry, but what’s not to love about this little, “Media Capital of The World” It was established by this awesome east coaster named, Dr. David Burbank who was a dentist; many of our members smile for the camera and cowork with us. Like most of our members he too was an entrepreneur. Like us, he loved animals, we allow dogs and he had a sheep ranch. (sheep are very much like dogs, not really, but who cares.) The point is, Burbank if full of amazing people, has North America’s largest Ikea, the Bob Hope Airport, and is home to Th

To celebrate or not to celebrate, that is the question!

Sometimes in the world of coworking or in an office, we analyze, we judge, we compare, we can be our own worst enemy and we don’t dare celebrate unless it’s big, it’s a milestone, it’s… I call Bullshit. Do you deserve it? Do you work hard enough? When I think of a celebration, I think, Champagne, yes, Champagne. Not for the fact that it’s a wonderful beverage that is historically associated with celebration, poured during coronation ceremonies, but because this bottle of bubbly was created out of creativity, need and ingenuity. Three amazing things to always celebrate. Years ago red wine ruled the lands and the commerce of grape growing in France. It was hard to even be respected if you were

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