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The Muse Rooms has taken these steps to keep our community safe.

Our safety plan is based on current CDC guildlines. Prior to opening back up, The Muse Rooms underwent several deep cleanings as well as a UVC light disinefection. Anyone not feeling well should stay home and not come into the space.


1. Sign In Sheet: Each member is required to sign in. All members, including offices members.

2. Temperature Check: Each member onsite will have their temperature checked and recorded. Any member or guest with a temperature of more than 99.9 degrees will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to return until they can produce a negative Covid test result. 


3. Face Coverings: The Muse Rooms requires face coverings in all shared spaces, bathrooms, kitchen and the boardroom.

4. A 6 ft seperation of all Open Space & Dedicated Desks. As well as between members in the open space and in the courtyard.


5. Additional protection: Clear plastic curtains have been installed between each Open Space & Dedicated Desk. Adding another layer of protection. These curtains have also been used to create a secure hallway between members and Open Space & Dedicated Desks. 


6. Kitchens. Our kitchen has been disinfected and will require masks and gloves at all times. Gloves allow us to continue to provide coffee and tea service. Gloves are not required if washing dishes. For food stored in the refrigerator it must be placed in a plastic or the paper bags we provide. On the floor there is a "wait here" circle if the kitchen is occupied. Only one person at a time in the kitchen area. 

7. Meals: Members may dine out in the courtyard.

8. Restrooms: Men's and Women's have automatic soap dispensers and we are leaving the lights on, so you do not have to touch the switch. There is a sanitizer station right outside the door as well. Restrooms are sanitized twice a day. We also encourage members to use a paper towel to lock and unlock the door. 

9. Courtyard: Members are encouraged to use our courtyard for phone calls, meals and to get fresh air. Masks are not required outside, but you must maintain social distancing of 6ft or more. 

10. Boardroom: limited to 6 socially distanced people. Members are reminded to clean tables, chair arms, door handles, and markers before and after each use.  Please leave doors open when not in use to increase ventilation. We also suggest leaving the door to courtyard open to allow fresh air in the room.

11. Phone booths: Both phone booths are closed, but you may take a call at your desk with a headset or outside in our courtyard.

12. Open Space Seat Reservations: All Open Space members are required to reserve a desk space through their member portal or using our app. All members must arrive by 6pm. Or have approval from management for a later start time.

13. Offices: Members inside offices do not need to wear a face covering, unless they share the office with another person. Shared offices are required to maintain 6ft apart. 

14. Cleaning of Open Space & Dedicated Desks: All members are required to wipe down their reserved workspace prior and after use. 

15. Cleaning Stations: There are several cleaning stations in the space. At check in,  in the "bar" open space, outside the bathrooms, in the boardroom. 

16. Deep and Frequent Cleaning: A deep cleaning will be performed once a week, while high touch surfaces will be cleaned twice daily. Offices will not be entered unless requested. During the week, if offices would like trash cans to be emptied, please place them directly outside your office door.


17. Covid-19 Infected Member response: If any member is diagnosed with Covid 19 they agree to contact management immediately. Ill member will not be able to return until they can produce a negative Covid-19 test result. Upon notice of any infected member a deep clean will be performed immediately. We will make the best efforts to identify and inform anyone who has had contact longer than 10 minutes with infected individuals. We will require Self-quarantine for 14 days if you have had prolonged, close contact with an infected individual. 

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