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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you open 24 hours? Yep, but for members only. If you are not a member and want to come by, please make an appointment. 818 823 4717.

  2. How much is your day rate? We don't offer a day rate, but we do offer a membership that allows you to pay by the day. You could come one day a year or a month or whenever. It only costs $100 a year and then each day is only $25 per day. 

  3. Do you have parking? We have a small 4 car lot in the back and ample open street parking all around. Street cleaning is Monday & Tuesday 1-4pm. 

  4. Do you have meeting rooms that non members can rent? Yes. On our home page look for Room Rentals and then select which one you are looking for. We offer a large room that can fit 6 during Covid. 

  5. Can I take a tour? Yep, just fill out a form on our site and we'll get you scheduled.

  6. Can I bring my kid? Nope.

  7. Can I bring my dog. Yep, but they must be approved.

  8. Do you have a kitchen? Yep, we offer one in Burbank. They are all stocked with coffee and tea. Please wear gloves.

  9. Do you have member events? At the moment no. Until we figure out a way to make it safe.

  10. Can I just drop by to check out the space? Nope, you must make an appointment. Call 818 823 4717.

  11. Is there anything that will revoke my membership? Yes. Not following posted signs or not signing in. Not wearing a mask inside. Stealing, or harrassing another member, being intoxicated, bringing in a guest without authorization, opening the door to strangers, parking your car overnight without permission from Nancy, not disclosing that you had Covid. 

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