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To celebrate or not to celebrate, that is the question!

Sometimes in the world of coworking or in an office, we analyze, we judge, we compare, we can be our own worst enemy and we don’t dare celebrate unless it’s big, it’s a milestone, it’s… I call Bullshit. Do you deserve it? Do you work hard enough? When I think of a celebration, I think, Champagne, yes, Champagne. Not for the fact that it’s a wonderful beverage that is historically associated with celebration, poured during coronation ceremonies, but because this bottle of bubbly was created out of creativity, need and ingenuity. Three amazing things to always celebrate.

Years ago red wine ruled the lands and the commerce of grape growing in France. It was hard to even be respected if you weren’t producing a fine red. So those living in higher altitudes, the Champenois, took the ingredients they had and created something more precious, more elite, something better than burgundy. They could have bottled a sub par vintage and called it a day, but they didn’t. And they could have celebrated a "less than" varietal, but they didn’t. They looked at what the competition was doing and strived to be different and created a new road where there wasn’t one. Think about that. Seriously, the whole country raved about red, and they said, no. Ha!

Celebrate the ambition, celebrate the drive, celebrate the success. I raise a glass high in the air to saying no to defeat. Solving problems that seem unsolvable. So, I ask, if you can’t celebrate that, what do you celebrate? That is the question.

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