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Who Doesn't LOVE Whiskey?

You gotta love LA. One week you own a cowork space with your husband, Tim and the next, he decides to co-produce a movie. And what's this movie all about you might ask?

Scotchity Scotch Scotch!

Tim has partnered up with his buddy, Greg and others to make an awesome Documentary on Scotch Whiskey called, "Water Of Life". The film will focus on the master distillers who create the world's best whiskies and really explore their craft and you'll learn a ton of really great scotch stuffs!

To help bring more funding to the project they just launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. They’re off to a pretty great start, but they need help.

So, here's the pitch!

If you contribute $20 or more to Water of Life on Indiegogo, The Muse Rooms will give you FREE Admission to our next Whiskey Tasting Event! Whatttttt???? I know, isn't that fantastic. Just bring your confirmation email to our next charity event to receive your free admission! (Next Event currently planned for August)

Here’s how you can support the campaign and get your free admission.

  1. Go to, choose a perk, and support at any level you can! Every person who backs the project at any level will help towards that 100 person goal for the week, but if you can give more, the perks (rewards for backing the project) are pretty awesome!

  2. Once you’ve donated, please SHARE the campaign to your Twitter and Facebook accounts using the tools next to the video on This helps spread the word and helps the project trend higher on the site! Pro Tip: Say why you donated! People are more likely to help out if they have a good reason like yours!

  3. Please leave a comment in the comments section of our campaign page!This helps the campaign trend higher so it can become a Staff Pick.

  4. Finally, the big one! Sharing is Caring. Please share with all your Whiskey fan friends.

  5. If this project gets 100 new backers, they'll get a $5,000 matching donation!

And that's all it takes. Just 20 bucks and you'll get into our next Whiskey tasting event for free and you'll be helping to support art and you'll be saying, "Hey, I don't just like tasting Whiskey, I'd like to be part of something bigger!".

Thanks and until next time,

Get Coworking

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