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Sponsored by The Muse Rooms

So excited to announce that we are the proud new sponsors of ...(drum roll please)...

Two Drink Maximum Podcast

This awesome listening experience is an interview show over two drinks and nothing more. It features real live humans and their stories. I was lucky enough to be one of them :)

They say it's no wacky hook, no glitz and glam; just creative, interesting, and unique

people sharing their lives....But who are They?

They are Shane Bierley and Chase Baxter, friends forever and now

partners in podcast.


Founding member of LA’s “Bastards Scotch Society”,

your local Batman expert, and Flappers Shorts Fest

Award winning filmmaker, Shane is a man who knows

the value of good capes and conversation over a glass—or two!

Instagram @TwoDrinkMaximum


Getting a start at CBS Radio Dallas, Chase is an award

winning screenwriter, producer, and performer who has

worked in entertainment for more than 15 years,

which means a wide variety of knowledge, and

more than a few drinks to stay sane along the way.

Instagram @SeeBaxter

Two Drink Maximum releases a new show every couple of weeks, so it gives you a chance to sit back and savor each episode. The really cool thing is, they actually record here at our 3800 Barham location. It's so awesome to be part of another creative project that features amazing people.

Give it a listen, you'll be glad you did. You may check them out on Spotify or here on their direct show link or Facebook


The Muse Rooms, Nancy & Tim


The Muse Rooms Coworking Space at 3800 Barham Blvd suite 105, by WB and Universal.

By Appointment Only.

Come in for a tour or free trial

(818) 823-4717

Socials @themuserooms


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