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Focus, Connect, Thrive = Game Night!

Shhh…. I’ve discovered something amazing, something that will improve your memory formation, cognitive skills, boost your immune system, reduce the risk of mental diseases, lower your blood pressure, increase your response time, reduce stress, some even call it therapy. And all of these results happen while feeling good and having fun. I bet you’re wondering what this magic cure all is……are you ready?




Board Games! Yep, that’s right, good ole Monopoly, Clue, Cranium, even Cards Against Humanity can give you these amazing benefits. Think about how playing a game could help your work, your focus, your ability to get stuff done. Well, we did and that’s why we hosted our first “Game Night!”.

Game Night was awesome! Members not only got all of the great health benefits that you get from playing games, they got to know each other, networked effortlessly and worked together as a team. At The Muse Rooms we don’t want you to just be a member, we want you to focus, connect with others and really thrive in all that you do, which is the perfect way to describe “Game Night”. Don’t miss out on the next one!

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